Miguel Benito


Born in Burgos,  starts playing drums professionally  at the age of 18. When he was 22 years old he transfers to Madrid where he resides nowadays.

He has the opportunity to work with great Profesors such as Arturo García, Carlos Carli,  Marc Miralta, Bruno Pedroso, Ron Savage., Ari Hoenig, Peter Erskine, Jim Chapin, Joe Hunt, Yorom Israel, Skip Hadden,etc

He studies Jazz at the Amsterdam Conservatory in Holland as well as being awarded with a talent scholarship to study a Performance Diploma at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Miguel attends  to many workshops and jazz seminars with great teachers and musicians such as Perico Sambeat, Javier Colina, Gray Bartz, Bruce Barth, Ron Savage, Jim Odgren, Yury Hoenig, Benjamín Herman, kennet Cervenka, Johanne Brakeen, Abe rabade, Paco Charlin, Miguel Zenón y Marcelo Aluli, Billy Hart, Grary Husband,etc.

Although he is a young musician, he is already a very experienced one with more than 20 years of musical experience in life concerts, Festivals, Clubs, and recordings, in all kinds of musical environments from different styles as Abdu Salim, Dan Rochlis, Carlos Barreto, Tony Heymer, Federico Lechner, Concha Buika, Israel Sandoval, Toño Miguel, Borja Barrueta, Manuel Machado, Jerry Gonzalez, Antonio Serrano, Ariel Bringuez,Yaniv Nactchum Bobby Martinez, Pablo Martin, Horacio Icasto, Demian Cabaud, Leo Genovese, Daniel Yakare, Martin Leiton, Walter Beltrami, Víctor Correa, Andy chango, Juan Galiardo, Guianni Gagliardi, Nicole Henrry, Peter Weaber, José Carra, Arturo Serra, Chema Saiz Trío,  Tomás Merlo Free Punk Ensemble, Blackbones, Lesuit, , Pedro Ruy Blas, Belen Gómez, Julian Maeso, Noa Lur, Cosmosoul, Pahola Gutierrez Quartet, Juan Sebastian Trío,  Norman Hogue tributo a Louis Prima, Alvaro Perez Trío, Bobby Martinez Big Band , Bob Sands Big Band, Juan Galiardo Trío among others.

Works as a Sideman for a lot of musicians, bands and also works with some projects as a Co-leader writing music and recording such as Marcos Collado Trío, Walter Beltrami Exit Quartet, Walter Beltrami (DuoTronics), Boris Savodelli (Italia). Fatbeat , Barka, Hernan Hock Quintet, Boreal Project, etc.

He is a professor at different schools in Madrid such as Tai school, Imt, Escuela de Nuevas Músicas, Escuela de Música Creativa etc….

He is sponsored by Bosforus Cymbals since 2011 and Mapex drums.